Thursday, 11 November 2010

Jewellery - Fantasy collection 1

I have decided to divide my jewellery into categories.
I create stuff according to my current state of mind and I detected three main styles in my work, so now at least I can act consciously :)
First style I call "Fantasy". This category contains mostly wire-wrapped pendants of all sorts, often irregular in shape.
Here are some of them. More will arrive, rest assured (there's no stopping me, no matter if you're interested in it, or not :

 BUTTERFLY - pendant
Copper wire and olive green crackle bead.
I like this one very much. I rarely succeed in creating specific, definite shapes. Most often they're accidental. This one isn't.

 BLUE MIRROR - pendant
Silver plated wire and blue agate wigh multi-coloured stripes.
I called it "Blue Mirror" because of the shape - it looks to me like a mirror in a frame.
For sale on Etsy.


 ABE - pendant
 Silver plated wire and a blue stone, full of cracks, that look a bit like water ripples (and I honestly have no idea what stone it is). I called it "Abe" because it reminds me of a character from "Hellboy", Abe Sapien.

Green agate and copper wire.
Usual freestyle shape :)

Silver plated wire and blue coloured agate. Took me a while to understand I don't want to make the second half :)
For sale on Etsy

AUTUMN - pendant
Copper wire and orangy-brown striped agate. Looks a bit like an autumn leaf. Just a bit.

TRYLOBITE - pendant
Copper wire, orangy-brown agate and freshwater pearls.
I didn't intend it to look like a trylobite. But it does, doesn't it?
For sale on Etsy.

That's it for today. The next time - the first set from te second category :) Well, if you want to see it now, pictures are available on Etsy anyway :D


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